I’m Probably at Least as Smart as George W. Bush, so Here are Some Modest Proposals for “Fixing” Our Education System

Every couple of years, we have some sort of crisis of education in this country. Our schools are failing. Our children isn’t learning. China and India are going to give us swirlies and take our lunch money. And then these sky-is-falling proclamations are inevitably used as excuses for top-down reforms that make everyone miserable and rarely result in education improving appreciably.

I, of course, have been teaching for two or three years now, so I’m pretty much an expert at everything. I don’t agree with the Chicken Littles of the education world, but I certainly agree that there is always room for improvement in our schools, and will share my infinite wisdom with you now. You won’t find the sort of scorched-earth approach you usually get from the right here; nor will you see the sort of tone-deaf teacher-hugging that the left is known for. These are just a handful of small changes we could implement now. And because they’re easy and common-sense, you’ll never see them implemented. Continue reading