Me, dusting off my film studies degree

mpaa-ratings-622x344Those of you who are into this sort of thing can go read my latest  for Christ and Pop Culture, Why are PG-13 Films More Violent Than Their R-Rated Counterparts? The American movie ratings system lies in ruins, and someone has to pick through them, so it might as well be me.

Although, grammatically, shouldn’t that read, “it might as well be I”? Deep thoughts, man.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Shambling Zombie Propped Up by Decadent Copyright Law

man-of-steel-posterBy the time Superman and General Zod were destroying the hundredth skyscraper in the two invincible men’s pointless quest to kill each other, I had to ask myself: does anybody care? Supposedly, Superman is fighting to save the earth, but since he doesn’t seem too broken up over the thousands of people who die every time a skyscraper topples, why should we be? If there’s nothing at stake, then why does the film need to end with an hour and a half of nonstop punching and explosions? Continue reading