Someone keeps digesting my readers

This handout photo obtained 16 November

Hey, remember that one time I wrote an article for Cracked? Fun times. Anyway, apparently Reader’s Digest picked it up for their print edition. So, if you’re the sort who enjoys paying four bucks to read an abridged version of an article you could easily read in full for free, run (don’t walk!) to the newsstand and grab yourself a copy of the November 2013 RD.

6 Ridiculous Trademark Lawsuits, for Your Edification


Spike Lee and your mother both really want you to head over to and read my debut for them: “The 6 Most Ridiculous Things People Claimed to Legally Own” (their title, not mine). So far, I regard writing for Cracked as a generally pleasurable experience; the editors are tough but fair, and they’re serious about maintaining a really high-quality humor site. Hopefully you’ll see some of my stuff there again, and soon.