Me, dusting off my film studies degree

mpaa-ratings-622x344Those of you who are into this sort of thing can go read my latest  for Christ and Pop Culture, Why are PG-13 Films More Violent Than Their R-Rated Counterparts? The American movie ratings system lies in ruins, and someone has to pick through them, so it might as well be me.

Although, grammatically, shouldn’t that read, “it might as well be I”? Deep thoughts, man.

If You Like Reading Me Here, You’ll LOVE Reading Me Over There

alone-yet-not-alone-2013-large-picture-550x300Hello there, loyal readers (all three of you)!

The last time I made one of these announcements, I was pointing you over to that piece I wrote on the Bible for Cracked! A lot has happened since then!

The most exciting bit is that that piece managed to earn me a book deal! I’m currently working with Hollan Publishing on HOLY SH*T! The Dirtiest Bits in the Bible. I’m sort-of getting paid to read the Bible and write dick jokes, which is pretty much my dream job, so I’m basically on cloud nine!

Also exciting, though, is that I’m now a staff writer for the Christ and Pop Culture, which is a blog I’ve admired for a while. You can read my debut for them right now — it’s a piece on the racial tone-deafness of the American Right. Hopefully, it makes some sparks fly.