My Book!

OPHELIA - Front Cover

Trapped in the fifth circle of state university hell…

Flat broke…

And then the bodies start piling up.

I should have sensed something was wrong when my mortician sister offered me a job. And I should have known something was up when she talked me into taking those pills. At the very least, the hallucinations should have been a red flag.

But now, here I am, standing over a half-eaten corpse.

I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming.

h-lineAfter years of writing funny stuff for Cracked, BuzzFeed, and other sites, I’m pleased to present my debut novel, Ophelia, Alive (A Ghost Story) — a thrillingly original horror opus of murder, drug addiction, Freudian psychobabble, and existential jeremiads — now available from Post Mortem Press.

Crammed full of experimental prose, tenuous allusions to zombie movies, copious quotes from Shakespeare and Poe, and a bunch of weird stuff about sex and religion that will probably make you really uncomfortable, Ophelia, Alive is like nothing you’ve ever read before.

Unless you’ve read Hamlet. It’s actually a lot like Hamlet.

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Praise for Ophelia, Alive:


Ophelia, Alive is a literary kaleidoscope aimed at a good old-fashioned ghost story. Part horror yarn, part philosophical exploration, and all compulsively readable, Luke Harrington’s prose will crawl under your skin and set your soul on fire. Reading Ophelia, Alive is like running through a maze in the dark—you never know what’s around the corner, and each twist makes you question everything that came before. Highly recommended to fans of literary horror.”

—Brad Carter, author of Saturday Night of the Living Dead and (dis)Comfort Food

“It can often take years for a writer to develop his own unique voice. But Luke Harrington’s debut novel is a testament to a young writer who knows what he is doing. Right out of the gates, he’s so good it makes me jealous. This guy is one to watch!”

—James Newman, author of Animosity and Ugly as Sin

“Luke T. Harrington’s Ophelia, Alive asks a question many of us may be hesitant to answer: ‘How much can you trust a person that you love?’ The answer may terrify you, because sometimes the person you love wants nothing more than to see your total destruction.”

—Cynthia Pelayo, award-winning author of Santa Muerte

“There’s good writing, and there’s ‘I wish I wrote that’ writing. Ophelia, Alive falls into the second category. Luke T. Harrington tells a first-person story using stream-of-consciousness prose that would crumble with lesser expertise, but Harrington’s touch is so deft, you emerge from reading feeling you’ve experienced the story, first hand. Ophelia, Alive is a harrowing tale that touches on the vagaries of college life, the consequences of drug use, eating disorders, sibling rivalry, friendship, dysfunctional families, that first scary plunge into being a grown-up, the nature of reality and why people write. It’s so good, you should read it twice.”

—Christian A. Larsen, author of Losing Touch and The Blackening of Flesh

Ophelia, Alive is a horror story with a heart, a white-knuckled ride into the mouth of madness that dares to ask real questions about life, purpose, and belief in things beyond our experience. Highly recommended.”

—Robert Kroese, author of Mercury Falls

“Luke T. Harrington’s prose will leave you breathless in this debut novel that is part ghost story, part down-the-rabbit-hole psychosis, part introspective analysis of college and family life. Fast-paced and smattered with shocking moments of grim horror, Ophelia, Alive does not disappoint!”

—K.B. Hoyle, award-winning author of Breeder

“Crackles with life…the character of Ophelia is so real you’ll swear she’s sitting next to you.”

—Joseph Rubas, author of The Shapeshifter

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