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Grood* Housekeeping: Three Things I’ve Learned as a Man-Housewife

*[pointlessly obscure reference explained here.]

For the record, I'm not some rich kid whose daddy own a yacht. I was actually working on this ship.

For the record, I’m not some rich kid whose daddy owns a yacht. I was actually working on this ship.

A week before I proposed to my now-wife, I was sitting on the roof of a ship, talking to her on someone else’s cellphone. I may have also been a little drunk.

We were talking about our dreams for the future, and how neither one of us really had any. “I’ve been thinking a lot about it,” I slurred, Captain Morgan running down my chin, “and it turns out that all I really want out of life is to be a housewife.” Continue reading

It begins.

I’ve always wanted to blog, so I got myself a blog. I’ll post about what I want, when I want, and you can’t tell me otherwise. I imagine this will turn into one of those blogs where I post once every three months, and half the posts are apologies for not posting more, but whatever. I’m going to write, and if nobody cares, so be it. Word up.