Me, dusting off my film studies degree

mpaa-ratings-622x344Those of you who are into this sort of thing can go read my latest  for Christ and Pop Culture, Why are PG-13 Films More Violent Than Their R-Rated Counterparts? The American movie ratings system lies in ruins, and someone has to pick through them, so it might as well be me.

Although, grammatically, shouldn’t that read, “it might as well be I”? Deep thoughts, man.

4 thoughts on “Me, dusting off my film studies degree

  1. ‘I’ is a subject, ‘me’ is an object; if you take “it might as well be me” as verb phrase, the subject is ‘it’. So ‘me’ was correct. Don’t worry.

    Great article, by the way. Having read the other one – about fame – I’m a little hesitant to compliment you now, but still in all, I appreciate your thoughts. 😛

    • Depends on how technical you want to get. Since “be” is a linking verb, not an action verb, that technically makes “me” (or “I,” or whatever) a predicate nominative, not an object…

      Ugh. I can’t believe it used to be my job to make 7th graders care about this stuff. 🙂

      In any case, I appreciate the praise. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed the article, man. The rating system is an interesting piece of film history. Have you read Romanowski’s Reforming Hollywood yet? He digs into the church’s relationship with the film industry. I haven’t finished it myself, but, reading your article, I figured you would dig it and Romanowski is one of my favorite writers on religion and film.

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